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Legal Services


Whether you are buying or selling, we’re here to help you move – and make that move as easy and painless as we possibly can.

Visit the AB+S website at www.abands.uk.com. Moving house can be stressful and confusing, all the more so if you are a first time buyer or are in your later years and looking to downsize. You may be relocating from abroad or from elsewhere in the UK and have no knowledge of how the Scottish system works. An insight into the local housing market is essential. Our professional property team will guide you and make a difficult job easier.



Our team of partners, solicitors and paralegals are extremely experienced in the field of residential conveyancing.  They will guide you through the legal process involved in buying or selling your property.

For more information please contact Lesley Johnston or Jaymie Strathdee.


Family Law

Whether you need advice regarding separation, divorce, arrangements for care of children or any other aspect of family law, contact either Robert M Cruickshank or Iain R Maltman for more information.


Criminal Matters / Civil Court Matters

Have you been charged by the police with a criminal offence? Have you received a Citation from the Procurator Fiscal’s office? Have you been served with an initial writ? Is someone pursuing you through the civil Court? Do you wish to pursue someone for a debt due to you?

If you need professional advice regarding these matters, please contact Robert M Cruickshank or Iain R Maltman for more information.


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby a friend or relative can deal with someone’s affairs on their behalf when that person is no longer able to do so, often following the onset of dementia or alzheimer’s. It is imperative that the Power of Attorney is signed before the onset of these disorders.

If you think you or a member of your family could benefit from this, please contact Lesley Johnston, Jaymie Strathdee or Iain R Maltman for more information.


Guardianship / Intervention Orders

Following the Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, it is necessary to obtain a court order if you require to deal with the affairs of an adult who is unable to deal with such matters themselves – often as a result of mental health problems, dementia , alzheimer’s, severe learning difficulties or as a result of an accident. Allan, Black and McCaskie can offer you advice and guidance with these complex procedures.

Please contact Iain R Maltman or Jaymie Strathdee for more information.



Setting up a business or already trading? Contracts? Mergers? Takeovers? Re-structuring? Licensing? Debt collection for your business? Commercial business is a mine field – we are able to provide the answers to all your queries.

Please contact Lesley Johnston, Robert M Cruickshank, or Jaymie Strathdee for more information.



Following a bereavement, it is so much easier for the family if the deceased has left a Will. From basic Wills to those that need to be more complicated including Inheritance Tax planning, Allan, Black & McCaskie can offer good advice.

Please contact Lesley Johnston, Iain R Maltman, Jaymie Strathdee or Kevin Anderson for more information.



Will trusts, Discretionary / Interest in Possession trusts – a mine field for the person on the street. Seek advice early.

Please contact Lesley Johnston or Kevin Anderson for more information.



How do you deal with a deceased’s estate following a bereavement? Has the deceased left a Will or not? What is the next step? Irrespective of whether the deceased’s estate is large or small, we have experts who can guide you through the administration process.

Please contact  Lesley Johnston or Kevin Anderson for more information.

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